PrestaFlex leasing machine

Leasing of business machines, an ideal solution for the growth of our customers’ business

This summer, PrestaFlex financed a machine lease for an artisan baker in the region of Fribourg.

The company’s goal was to open a second branch in order to improve the variety of its confectionery, bakery and chocolate products.For the implementation of this project, the artisan baker needed several operating machines, in particular ovens, freezers and fermentation chambers.

Equipment leasing solution – ideal for the smooth running of any dynamic business.

The equipment needs of the artisan baker require an important cash contribution. It is obvious that a decrease in liquidity would cause a slowdown in the company’s business. This is the reason why PrestaFlex opted for a leasing of operating machines in order to guarantee the continuity of the baker’s business and to benefit from a more favorable interest rate compared to a classic financing.

How PrestaFlex overcame the difficulties encountered to enable the financing of the artisan baker?

The operating machines needed by our client meet very specific criteria for leasing. For this reason, PrestaFlex closed the deal for the client by partnering with a financial institution that offers leasing for all types of operating, capital, and investment goods.

What amounts and conditions were negotiated by PrestaFlex?

Thanks to its flexibility, PrestaFlex was able to establish repayment conditions agreed between the partner and the client, i.e. CHF 2,100 per month for a period of 60 months. In total, the artisan baker was able to save CHF 130,000 in liquidity, which allowed him to start his growth process without any difficulties and ensure the smooth running of his business activities. 

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Written by : Gabriel Oberson, financial assistant  at PrestaFlex & Arij Kamel, marketing trainee at PrestaFlex, Fribourg