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Münür Aslan

CEO / Founder


Federal diploma of specialist in Banking Economy (Higher Institute of banking training ISFB, Geneva).
Diploma of Advanced Studies – HES-SO in Enterprise Risk Management
Languages spoken: French, German, English, Turkish

Experience & Achievements

Working in the Swiss financial market since 1999, gaining expertise in the area of individual and corporate financing. He has two kids and is living in Kanton Zug.

“I have build a successful and sustainable businesses, always having our customers in the heart of everything we do! Mutuality, respect and confidentiality are the main principals, guiding our work every day. Due to the hard work and strong relationships with our partners, we managed to provide more than 600’000’000 CHF for various projects and made many customers happy”

Münür Aslan

Gabriel Oberson

Financing Consultant SME


Federal Certificate of Capacity in the banking sector
BA in Management / beeing processed – HES-SO Fribourg
Languages spoken: French, German, English

Experience & Achievements

Bank experience  (investment sector, mortgage and commercial lending, private clients).
Accounting experience (bookkeeping, balance sheet creation).
Training of staff.

Bertrand Petit

Fullstack Developer


Professional degree in micro-computing and networks.
Training in fullstack web development in self-taught.
Languages spoken: French

Experience & Achievement

Trainee developer in the medical sector.
Manager in the digital printing sector.
Manager in the printing sector.


Johan Jobin

Backend Developer


MSc in Computer Science. Specialization : Data Science – University of Berne, Fribourg and Neuchâtel
Languages spoken: French, English, German, Italian

Experience & Achievements

Undergraduate teaching assistant, Software Engineering group, Pr. Dr. Jacques Pasquier-Rocha Support Center, University of Fribourg
Publication: Giuseppe Cuccu, Johan Jobin, Julien Clément, Akansha Bhardwaj, Carolin Reischauer, Harriet Thöny, and Philippe Cudré-Mauroux. “Hydra: Cancer Detection Leveraging Multiple Heads and Heterogeneous Datasets.”
In 2020 IEEE International Conference on Big Data, BigData, 2020.

Pascal Wahlen

Business consultant

  • Establishment and foundation of companies, liquidation of companies, sale of companies, agreements and contracts
  • Accountring
  • Investment decision / acquisition and sale of companies / acquisition and sale of buildings / acquisition and sale of all types of assets
  • Financing of the investment
  • Taxation of natural and legal persons
  • Various services: Negotiation of a tax package / Linking to structures to develop certain industrial or commercial markets
  • Establishement and assistance in the financial, research and development field concerning cantonal grants/subventions or federal (state) for project proponents

Enver Kutlu

Key Account Manager


Certificate of initial banking training for high school graduates recognized by the Swiss Bankers Association – CYP Lausanne
languages spoken: French, English, German and Turkish

Experience & Achievement

Experience in the Swiss banking sector with a specialization in loans and investments.

Facts and Experience

  • The companies that place their trust in us have a turnover of between CHF 500’000 and CHF 100’000’000.
  • PrestaFlex has already financed CHF 600,000,000 in credit volume since its foundation.
  • Our biggest project has resulted in financing of CHF 9’000’000.

We believe the strong relationship and mutual trust we are building with our clients, allows us to support them to innovate, grow and succeed!

PrestaFlex operates on the Swiss corporate finance market since 2013.
We search for and offer the best financial resources for the development of companies. As we work under mandate, we exclusively represent the interests of our business clients. A big advantage we offer to our clients is a complete financial diagnostic of the company, which guides the decision towards a suitable financing solution, leveraging our financial analysis and report.
It’s well known that a complete and structured application has a better chance of being accepted, therefore, PrestaFlex experts invest a lot of efforts to do that on behalf of our customers for having maximum chances of success.

Due to our long-lasting experience, we manage to provide an excellent diversity in the choice of partners and a wide range of products, which allows us to negotiate and obtain the best financing conditions for our clients.
We work with more than 40 funding companies (banks, insurance companies, pension funds, etc.) throughout Switzerland. Our neutrality is a key asset when it comes to negotiating the best conditions, particularly in terms of amounts and interest rates. We compare and finalise your application. Our analysis is supported by a detailed financial report that gives you an overview of your company’s financial health before you submit your application. Your data is hosted in Switzerland, we guarantee confidentiality, security, discretion and we are subject to banking secrecy.


the financial partner, supporting companies to innovate, grow and succeed.

How PrestaFlex does business every day?

We provide simple and compelling solutions

We serve you fast and discrete

We stand up for your interest

Why working with us?

Our back office takes care of all the bureaucratical burden for you

Our financial experts structure your application for success

Our advisers contract the best interest rate for you

What is the value we offer?

Vast partners network, more than 40 funding companies

Independent partner in position to negotiate for your best interest

Providing not only service, but detailed financial health analysis serving your decisions


Qu’est-ce que le financement par cession-bail et pourquoi est-ce la meilleure solution pour financer des actifs en Suisse ?

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PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client

PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client.

We have established a new relationship of trust with a company that specializes in the outsourcing of drawings in the construction sector.

Their activities are distinguished by the realization of 3D models that are used by architects and engineers on construction sites.

Mortgage note - PrestaFlex

Developing business with mortgage note

How to develop your business with mortgage notes?

PrestaFlex works with a vast network of partners and can help you in your development.

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