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Trade Finance

The most adequate commodity trade finance solutions for your business

Commodity Trade Finance is part of financing world-wide commodity supply chain finance used by commodity companies and commodity trade finance banks and other financial providers to facilitate international trade and commerce. Switzerland has been a major global commodity trading centre for an established period of time.

The services and alternative funding solutions for an importer or an exporter encompass commodity trade finance instruments as a key role in improving the commodity trade flow and cash flow by reducing associated risks with an overseas trade transaction.


via its expertise and contact can provide some alternative funding to commodity trade finance solutions (subject to certain conditions and criteria) that can bring liquidity and working capital

via selected partners (selected financial institutions or similar service providers) can advise the most suited trade finance solutions for overseas importers & exporters to experience global trade business relations with more confidence, enthusiasm, and security

can facilitate commodity trade finance instruments (subject to certain conditions and criteria) such as:

  • Stand-By Letter of Credit
  • Letter of Credit (import or export)
  • Invoice Financing (Invoice Factoring / Discounting)
  • Assets backed Lending (ABL)
  • Financing supply chain

In conjunction with the above, our Trade Finance specialists will gladly discuss your specific needs to provide most suitable solution, please contact us for an appointment.



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