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Risk Insurance

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Risk insurance

Life insurance protection coverage

Are you a company president, owner, general manager, senior executive or board member? Are you responsible for the management of the company and do many decisions depend on you? Have you thought about risk coverage in case of death or disability? If something happens to you, it can affect the company you work for, as you are a key member of the organisation. That is why there are specific coverages to insure not only your company but also your family, especially when you borrow privately (mortgage, consumer credit, etc.) as well as for the company.

Financial institutions often ask for comprehensive risk coverage to provide some security in case of a possible surprise. In the context of business financing, it is recommended that the company director takes out life insurance to protect his assets. For example, if you have borrowed a blank loan, i.e., without collateral, the bank requires a joint and several guarantee from the directors. In other words, if you are unable to repay the loan, the financial institution may turn against you to recover the outstanding balance. Imagine a surprise when you have no cover for illness, accident or even death. Having an insurance policy for the event of risk will give you extra security. It is advisable to do this quickly before health problems arise.

The advantages are as follows:

Protecting your assets, a partner, shareholders, and the interests of the company

Paying the premium through your company

Securing a bank loan (pledging the policy)

Choose the beneficiary freely

Allow for risk diversification

In summary

Amounts vary between CHF 100,000 and CHF 1 million. The premium is payable quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Prestaflex’s corporate finance specialists will advise you on the coverage and benefits to be covered. Request a non-binding quotation now.


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