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Foreign currencies, exchange rate risk

Are you an internationally active company or do you import and export or do you have customers in Europe, Asia or the United States and are you exposed to the currency risk in dollars, pounds sterling, euros etc.? Have you thought about protecting yourself against exchange rate fluctuations and getting the best rate? Do you know that this can have a significant impact on your bottom line, directly including your profits and indirectly your business margins? Exchange rate risks are non-negligible and can cause significant financial damage if not properly managed and controlled.

That is why the PrestaFlex team offers you competitive and attractive conditions, by locking the exchange rate in order to have an optimal overview of your transactions. This gives you the peace of mind to work throughout the year knowing the market conditions from the start. Locking in the exchange rate at favourable conditions will not only reduce your risks but also optimise your financial costs.
For example, if you have an invoice in euro payable within 30 days and you already want to benefit from a preferential rate today (forward), it is very easy and even recommended to do so. Our advisors will provide you with the solution. If you deal in millions of foreign currencies, it is very important to implement an exchange rate strategy. PrestaFlex can advise you on the various alternative solutions in this respect.

What are the advantages?

Benefit from the most favourable rates on various foreign currencies

Reduce financial risks

Avoid losses on gross margin

In summary

We have been working with SMEs for many years and offer our expertise and know-how. Thanks to our advice, many companies have reduced their financial costs. We are neutral and offer personalised advice. Our financial experts are at your disposal.


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PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client

PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client.

We have established a new relationship of trust with a company that specializes in the outsourcing of drawings in the construction sector.

Their activities are distinguished by the realization of 3D models that are used by architects and engineers on construction sites.

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