Protect your liquidity. Concentrate on your business

Financial Insurance

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Financial Insurance

Obtain crucial financial protection. Run your business worry-free

Credit insurance

Cover the risk of loss in the event of non-payment with credit insurance up to 90%

Credit Insurance

Risk insurance

Having an insurance policy for the event of risk will give you extra security

Risk Insurance


Locking in the exchange rate at favourable conditions will not only reduce your risks but also optimise your financial costs



the financial partner, supporting companies to innovate, grow and succeed.

How Prestaflex does business every day?

We provide simple and compelling solutions

We serve you fast and discrete

We stand up for your interest

Why working with us?

Our back office takes care of all the bureaucratical burden for you

Our financial experts structure your application for success

Our advisers contract the best interest rate for you

What is the value we offer?

Vast partners network, more than 40 funding companies

Independent partner in position to negotiate for your best interest

Providing not only service, but detailed financial health analysis serving your decisions


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