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Business Debt Consolidation

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Debt Consolidation


What is a debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is an approach, that consists of consolidating all your outstanding credits, leasing, and other liabilities with a single entity to simplify your life. In fact, this entity will become the only contact person for you, which has many advantages.

Companies usually have couple of small lenders, like 2-3 bank credits, leasing, family loans, etc., which need to be re-negotiated and sometimes extended. This brings a huge complexity for the company financials and takes lots of valuable time for the business owners. Debt consolidation will give you an important advantage to move forward and obtain the necessary liquidity, but not only that.

What other benefits you could get?

Considerable time saving as there is only one invoice to pay to the lender.

Lower costs because in general the interest rate is optimised in relation to your other accumulated debts. A potential saving of 20 to 30% is realistic for the company debt.

Possibility of adapting your monthly payments in line with your current financial circumstances.

Removing certain banking constraints and have more flexibility.

In summary

Do not wait till the last minute, better act in advance if you have outstanding company debts and difficulties to manage or meet them, contact our financial experts and discuss a debt consolidation solution to meet your needs.



PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client

PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client.

We have established a new relationship of trust with a company that specializes in the outsourcing of drawings in the construction sector.

Their activities are distinguished by the realization of 3D models that are used by architects and engineers on construction sites.

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Current account loan – PrestaFlex helps a Swiss-German company to grow

PrestaFlex helped a Swiss-German company to grow.

We obtained a current account limit for a family-owned company specializing in planning, consulting, general construction services, and civil and structural engineering services.

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