How did PrestaFlex finance one of the major players in the supply of medical products in Switzerland?

A company from Vaud is seduced by our services

We found financing for one of the world leaders in the supply of products and materials standardized by the European Union located in the canton of Vaud. The company is specialized in priority orders for various Swiss professionals, such as wholesalers, suppliers, healthcare communities, hospitals and clinics. They guarantee the delivery of gloves, caps, medical masks and rapid covid tests, among others.

When traditional financing is limited, there are several alternative forms of financing that can be used. In this case, our client’s liquidity was insufficient. This is why we chose the bridge financing.

The conditions of the credit we granted

– Amount: CHF 350’000
– Duration: 4 years
– Collateral: None
– Deadline: Contract signed in less than 10 days and payment in less 20 days

The financing that this company will receive will bring a double contribution for its development:

  • First, they will get cash for their working capital in order to respond positively to their order book.
  • Secondly, they will hire staff. In this way, the company boosts the Swiss job market and brings added value to the economy of the Vaud region.

What do I need to know about the blank credit?

The financing we have granted is the typical operating credit. It is given when the trust between the financial institution and the company is full.

There are several rules to follow:

  • Firstly, the blank credit must not exceed 30-40% of the capital base, which means equity capital.
  • Secondly, this credit must be less than 20-25% of the annual turnover.
  • Finally, it should not exceed 3 or 4 times the cash flow.

Generally speaking, a company can only benefit from this type of financing through financial institutions such as ours, since we have considerable experience and proximity with our clients. That is why we systematically find suitable and convincing possibilities.

Whether it is for a commercial loan, a leasing or a debt consolidation, PrestaFlex offers the solution with the best market conditions.

The efficiency of our SME financing advisor

PrestaFlex is a company that has been operating in the Swiss corporate finance market since 2013. Composed of SME advisors, they put together applications for small, medium and large companies.

Our external advisor was able to listen and be tenacious in helping his client. He found the solution that the traditional banks were unable to do.

The added value of our consultant

Our advisor quickly took charge of the file and established a financial report to make a complete diagnosis of the client company. During the whole process, he provided precise advice for the improvement of the company’s balance sheet and then found a solution with our network of over 40 partners. Thanks to his professionalism, the Vaud-based company now has an alternative credit without collateral.

Fuel your company with fresh funds

Very often, a company that receives a refusal of financing from a financial institution is due to a lack of structuring in its accounts. This is the case in 60% of the requests and this is when our consultants come in. They not only improve the financial health of the company and bring coherence to the financial accounts, but they are also responsive and take care of the administrative formalities.

PrestaFlex has a perfect understanding of corporate clients thanks to its many years of experience in various sectors of activity such as medical, industrial, construction and commercial.

We are at your disposal to answer your financing needs.
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