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Financing Process Details

Providing fast, simple, compelling and tailored financial solutions in just 4 steps

Financing Request


Send your application request via the online form, e-mail or call us by phone

  • Contact Prestaflex via online application, email or phone call
  • Provide last 2 years financial statement
  • Describe the financing needs and the intended of use

Initial Analisys & mandate


Assessment of your needs and discussion on financing options

  • We will perform first assessment of your financial needs
  • Discuss initial options for funding
  • Secure partnership via signed mandate and power of athorney



PrestaFlex provides financial overview report and tailor made financing options

  • Develop expert financial overview, consisting of reporting, solvency and liquidity statements
  • Provide tailor made solutions for your financing
  • Determine the best financing structure and conditions together
  • Perform all neccessary administration work for you

The report provided by Prestaflex presents the financial overview of the company. We use specific ratios to determine the current financial status in the context of business operations. In collaboration with the client and based on medium-term projections, we identify the growth potential and determine the financing possibilities to support the development of your company. The financial report is an essential element in the decision-making processes of company management and banking institutions.

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Finalizing all agreements and payment of the amount

  • Conclusion of the financing contract, including any collateral agreements
  • Payment of the contracted amount


Qu’est-ce que le financement par cession-bail et pourquoi est-ce la meilleure solution pour financer des actifs en Suisse ?

L’un des produits les plus intéressants de la finance alternative. En savoir plus sur le financement par cession-bail, le crédit-bail, le gage, le créancier gagiste, le créancier gagiste, les actifs immobilisés, la finance alternative, la levée de fonds, la garantie, la croissance.


PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client

PrestaFlex has obtained three financing solutions for its client.

We have established a new relationship of trust with a company that specializes in the outsourcing of drawings in the construction sector.

Their activities are distinguished by the realization of 3D models that are used by architects and engineers on construction sites.

Mortgage note - PrestaFlex

Developing business with mortgage note

How to develop your business with mortgage notes?

PrestaFlex works with a vast network of partners and can help you in your development.

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