Dinibat - operating loan

An excellent deal was concluded by our financing consultant Gabriel Oberson

A promising year for our activities

The beginning of the year has been busy for our collaborators. Indeed, the requests increased and this period was well exploited by Gabriel Oberson, our SME financing consultant.

A company specialized in the trade of machines, tools, and building materials attracted our interest

The year 2022 offers good perspectives for our activities. A company with more than 10 years of experience in the construction sector has been attracted to our services. They are specialists in the purchase and sale of all vehicles, machines for construction sites, and construction materials.

The particular context of the conflicts in Eastern Europe has resulted in an increase in delivery times for customers, which has impacted the company’s activities.

What were the solutions to support our client?

– Type of financing: Operating loan
– Amount: CHF 200’000
– Duration: 48 months
– Guarantees: None

This financing represents a real advantage for the company since it will allow them to respond favorably to customer requests and they will be able to be reactive without increasing their stocks.

Gabriel Oberson found a non-banking alternative

PrestaFlex relied on the experience of our SME financing consultant. Gabriel Oberson, who has been with PrestaFlex for almost two years, has accumulated several projects for our structure.

With his unfailing motivation, he defended this project with conviction with our partners. Thanks to his analytical skills and his involvement, he has enabled his client to return to profit.

What are the advantages of an operating loan?

The operating credit is a *current account credit, covered or not, which will be granted to the customers to finance the current assets, which include the stocks used for production and the customer receivables.

This financing will satisfy the need for liquidity generated by the confrontation between cash inflows and outflows for acquisitions, production, and sales. In other words, you can maintain your solvency during the value creation phase between purchase and sale. Generally speaking, these credits are concluded for an unlimited period.

In the case of this company, which buys and sells vehicles and machinery for construction sites, this credit will not only allow them to meet their order book but also have the equipment without any waiting period. Moreover, the company will be able to react quickly and cover its working capital needs with complete peace of mind.

PrestaFlex is your financial partner that helps you develop your organization, innovate and succeed

Our vision is to be the financial partner that helps companies find solutions for sustainable business development. Our expertise is deep in the field of corporate finance and cash management. Our guiding principles are to provide simple, fast, compelling, and tailored financing solutions. We take a client-focused approach and negotiate the most advantageous solutions and terms for you.

Gabriel Oberson is familiar with corporate clients as he has been working on projects for two years now within the company. He was trained in the banking sector, particularly in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where he deepened his skills in customer consulting.

At the same time, he completed a degree in business administration in Fribourg, which allows him to stay up to date on the requirements of financial analysis.

If you wish to obtain quick financing for your company with simplified procedures, you can contact Gabriel Oberson, who can be reached by phone at 079 597 57 93 or the following address: oberson@prestaflex.ch.

He will answer you as soon as possible and will treat your project with care.

*If the bank sets a credit limit on a current account, whether it is covered or not, then it is a current account credit. The particularity lies in the fact that the client will not receive the amount of the credit, he will be able to request it according to his needs in the fixed credit line.