PrestaFlex leasing sur équipement médical

Granting a medical equipment leasing to a G permit business owner in just 3 days? Yes, possible with PrestaFlex!

A dental practice in operation for only a year got the needed investments in just 3 days. 

A dental practice in the canton of Vaud faced a huge challenge to obtain a leasing for a medical equipment, a medical chair, enabling smooth operations and high customer satisfaction of the patients. The constraints were triggered from the fact that the dentist, domiciled in France, has a G permit and the dental practice has been in operation for only one year, which made it very difficult to obtain a financing from traditional banks.  

Thanks to its expertise, PrestaFlex made the leasing request for a medical chair possible

Based on the vast experience in this area, PrestaFlex gladly provided an expert financial advice on how this financing request should be approached and did all the paperwork internally, maximizing the probability of having a positive result. Our adviser, Gabriel Oberson, in close collaboration with the customer and our partners, was able to negotiate a leasing solution with advantageous conditions in the amount of CHF 40 000, meeting customer’s needs:

Full financing of the requested amount

Quick access to financing funds

– Lease duration for a period of 48 months

– Small residual value  

PrestaFlex services are frequently requested from medical professionals

PrestaFlex is a reference for professionalism and added value in financing for doctors, practices, and clinics.

We help our clients to grow their business, reduce the administrative burden, restructure their balance-sheet, and negotiate amounts that meet their needs, as well as securing them low interest rates. It would have been possible, for example, to finance a medical device leasing in the amount of CHF 500’000 or more at the same speed and still secure the best market conditions for our customer.

Many medical practices, clinics, general practitioners, and specialists contact PrestaFlex to support them in finding the most suitable financing solution, based on their circumstances, whether it is an operating loan or an equipment leasing (MRI, scanners, computer equipment, furniture…).

Do you have a specific financing need, or have you just opened your medical practice and are looking for a financing alternative? Then contact our experts for a fast, simple, and tailor-made solution.

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Written by Gabriel Oberson, financing consultant at PrestaFlex & Arij Kamel, marketing at PrestaFlex, Fribourg