PrestaFlex - Crédit d'exploitation pour entreprise de construction métallique

Working capital financing – impossible with traditional banks, possible in only 1 month with PrestaFlex. Curious to learn how we achieved it?

This past month, PrestaFlex financed an operating loan for a metal construction company hugely affected by the Covid-19 crisis

A metal construction company, caring out large projects requiring sufficient liquidity funds, approached us for helping it obtain working capital financing. Due to Covid-19 crisis implications on its business, traditional banks rejected all loan requests and considered our customer insolvent. The company was about to start huge metal construction projects, which would have played a critical role for the business growth and would require a significant liquidity amount. Credit application rejections, they faced, put them in very complicated situation, cul-de-sac!

Not a dead-end situation for PrestaFlex though! Our expert Patrick Lopes, made a deep financial analysis and structured the loan application of the customer

Following our established fast-simple-discrete process and relaying on our well-built partnership network, we managed to secure an operating loan for our customer, meeting initially scoped requirements:

– Fully obtained amount of CHF 150’000

No penalty imposed in case of early repayment

– Monthly repayment over a duration of 3 years

– Interest rate of only 6.6%

Since the beginning of the pandemic, PrestaFlex experts have already provided solutions to many companies facing similar financing difficulties

The service sector is not the only one that has been affected by the coronavirus crisis. The construction industry has not been bypassed by the economic consequences of the crisis. PrestaFlex has already supported a large number of companies from different sectors during these critical times and has demonstrated the necessary expertise to provide tailor-made solutions. Whether for a commercial credit, leasing or loan consolidation, the experts of PrestaFlex offer solutions with the best market conditions.

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Written by Patrick Lopes, financing consultant at PrestaFlex & Arij Kamel, marketing trainee at PrestaFlex, Fribourg